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The Journey of Intrinsic Health

A revolutionary 8-week personal health transformation journey with Zach Bush, MD

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It's time to discover your intrinsic ability to heal.

We invite you to The Journey of Intrinsic Health to transform the way you think about health. This awe-inspiring experience is a place for you to explore the protocols and philosophy Zach Bush, MD uses in his own practice in-depth and learn to apply them in your own life.
  • Authentic self-discovery takes courage and tenacity. The Journey of Intrinsic Health has empowered me with the resources for complete transformation of the way I fuel, hydrate, breathe, move, play, connect and express myself in the world. The teachings of Dr. Zach Bush, the direction and support of my beloved coach Jenn, and the incredible community that I am surrounded by are the perfect formula for success. I feel like a fresh new vessel ready to move forward with such clarity. This course exceeded all of my expectations and cracked my heart wide open. I could not recommend a transformational journey more highly.

    Miranda Sheppard

    Uxbridge, Canada

  • Journey with community to explore the intrinsic pillars of health in the most unique space. An expansion of Biology BaseCamp to connect within, set intentions, and become. Dr. Zach Bush is truly inspirational and a true leader. The time is now… be the beauty of transformation.

    Benay Irwin

    New Jersey, USA

  • Having just completed the 8 week Journey of Intrinsic Health, I am moved to report back that I have changed ... a lot... I came to realize that I was thinking in black and white and missing a whole lot of the color spectrum. If this is true that must be false. If this is right, that must be wrong. I came into the course with many questions and self-doubt, now I walk with a renewed sense of "I am" and purpose.

    Garey Simmons

    Maryland, USA

  • Experienced comprehensive healing during this course! Also blew up and reformulated every notion I had about the human body mind and purpose ... incredible course.

    Leslie Richer

    Virginia, USA

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If you’re feeling called to...

  • Experience what it’s like to learn from Zach as a partner in your health and get direct access to his health protocols
  • Approach health from Nature's perspective — a template for life that is full of complexity, biodiversity and abundance
  • Connect with fellow students in an online community of like-minded people, also on their transforma­tive health journey
  • Get support from an expert coach to guide you and provide accountabi­lity every step of the way

...the Journey of Intrinsic Health is the key you seek!

Here’s what you’ll get when you purchase The Journey of Intrinsic Health

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    LIVE sessions and Q&A with Zach Bush, MD.

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    Expert coaching to support you (you can choose group or personalized 1:1 coaching)

  • +

    Access to over 15 hours of videos where Zach Bush, MD, breaks down the foundational points of health, common misconceptions, and the protocols and practices to apply in your life

  • +

    Access to 5+ hours of supplemental material including meditations, breathing exercises, visualizations, rituals, and workouts

  • +

    1 year membership to The Journey of Intrinsic Health’s global community and course content to create meaningful connections

  • +

    ION* Intelligence of Nature Gut Support

Your Journey of Intrinsic Health Guide: Zach Bush, MD

Zach Bush, MD

Zach Bush, MD is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems. He is the founder of *Seraphic Group and the non-profit Farmer's Footprint to develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health. His work in for-profit and nonprofit arenas is creating avenues for collaborative action for all stakeholders in our global community for a regenerative future of health for the planet and our children.

Zach Bush, MD

The Journey of Intrinsic Health Course Outline

Each module includes a core lecture PLUS supplemental material: videos, easy to follow how-tos, protocols and recommendations to put into action.

  • BE: the "I am" state that reflects who you came here to be
  • PLAY: beyond competition and into creative possibility and fun
  • FLOW: the effects of water throughout your systems + what true hydration looks like
  • BREATHE : how we accelerate our biology + awareness with respiration
  • FUEL: the metabolic power of nutrition beyond the fad diets + the labels
  • MOVE: turning on our regenerative capacity of cellular communica­tion
  • CONNECT: coming into true community and healthy connection
  • REST: rest for all aspects of who we are with body, mind and spirit

Personal and Group Coaching for Transforma­tive Change and Support

Our coaching sessions are among the most effective components of this learning journey. Our certified coaches work with you to bridge the gap between what you're learning in the course and how to apply the information to your life and generate mind and body transformation.

Coaching led by Director of Coaches - Jenn Perell

Jenn Perrell

Jenn Perell is a conscious coach and business consultant specializing in wellness and personal and program development. She empowers purposeful leaders to live regeneratively with clarity and flexibility. She is a catalyst of change for individuals and businesses and has been working in the world of human potential for the last 15 years.

Jenn Perrell

Community Experience

This journey is meant to be walked together, in community. We've made it easy and accessible for you to view the course and engage with fellow students, all on a single platform. You will be able to:

  • Connect with everyone who is a part of the Journey of Intrinsic Health
  • Chat live with one another, ask questions, join events, and get support
  • iPhone & Android App access to view the course and engage in the community

Our final cohort for the year is officially sold out and seats for 2023 are opening SOON.

In the spirit of endless transformation, we’re evolving! After an inaugural series of cohort revolutions, we’ve found a rhythm that sings. Our offerings are diversifying. Our Community Events are enlivening. Our Coaches are expanding.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Need more info? Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

    • How long is the course? Will I have time for this?

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      The Journey of Intrinsic Health is an 8-week course. This course and community experience has been intentionally designed to deliver the maximum amount of value to you within a reasonable amount of time for you to learn, process, understand and begin to apply in your life. There are eight core modules that have a main lecture and the supporting resources and videos to apply the information within the main lecture. You can easily refer back to any lesson or topic whenever needed. You will have access to all of the content and the community for one year from the date of your purchase and have the opportunity to extend beyond that once your year is complete.
    • Is enrollment open?

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      Enrollment is currently closed. We will be opening the doors for the 2023 Journey of Intrinsic Health in early January. Be sure to sign up for the latest updates and launch specials.
    • Can I access the course on my phone?

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      Yes! We have a desktop and mobile app experience so you can watch on the go or on your laptop.
    • What is Zach Bush MD’s [live] involvement on the platform?

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      Zach Bush MD hosts one LIVE summit and Q&A session per cohort where all community members are invited to join.
    • I still have questions. How do I contact you?

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      No problem. Send us an email at info@journeyofintrinsichealth.com